Red Mud Pond in the village of Almásfüzitő


From today, once a month we will provide information on an ongoing case that we are managing on behalf of Greenpeace Hungary. GP Hungary had submitted a complaint to the European Commission in 2012 asking it to start an infringement procedure against Hungary. The reason was that a company has received a permit for waste management on the top of an unused red mud pond in the village of Almásfüzitő. According to GP's standpoint - which we fully share and support with our legal opinion - the permitted activity is contrary to domestic and EU environmental law in many respects. The case is at the EC right now, waiting for a decision. To facilitate decision-making, EMLA has submitted additional arguments to the EC lately, listing why we think that the case in question is not an exception but rather a part of a consistent and general administrative practice. Currently we are working on a paper that would uncover the environmental impacts.