Hungarian Energy Plans

By the support of the Heinrich Böll Stiftung, EMLA analyzed the connections and coherence of sustainable development, environmental and energy related plans of Hungary. We also evaluated and scored how they integrate the principle of sustainable development.




Transposition of EU Law by Hungary

Conformity checking for Milieu Ltd. of measures done by Hungary to transpose EU directives in the sector of the environment. Legal research and comparative analysis on the national transposition of different directives of the EU.




EIA in Energy Community

Legal research on the main differences between the newest version of the EIA Directive (Directive 2011/92/EU amended by the Directive 2014/52/EU) and the former EU EIA legislation (Directive 85/337/EEC) for Zelena Akcija. The research mainly focused on the new elements added by the Directive 2014/52/EU in the context of campaigning on coal power plants and other energy sector projects in the countries of the Energy Community



The Hungarian PCI Manual

Legal consultancy in the project: "Analysis of the manuals of procedures for the permit granting process applicable to projects of common interest (PCIs) prepared under Article 9 of TEN-E Regulation No. 347/2013" for Milieu Ltd. Analysis of the Hungarian PCI manual of procedure and the respective national legal background.



Storm Waters and Water Quality

Legal consultancy in the project: "Assessment of impact of storm water overflows from combined and separate waste water collecting systems on water bodies (including the marine environment) in the 28 EU Member States" for Milieu Ltd. Research on the Hungarian legal background of water quality protection, on the occurrence of unusual weather conditions involving heavy rainfalls and collection of the experiences of the national sewage network operators. 




State Aid to Coal Power Plant in Croatia

Upon the request of Zelena Akcija, a Croatian NGO, EMLA gave legal advice on how illegal state aid rules of the EU can be used in a campaign against the construction of a coal fired power plant Plomin C.




Oil Drilling in the Adriatic Sea

EMLA gave legal advice to Greenpeace Croatia in order to support their campaign’s success against the Croatian Government’s plans to start exploration and exploitation drillings for oil in the Adriatic Sea.



Development of the Civil Sector

By the support of the Norwegian Grant NGO Fund EMLA provides legal advice in strategic environmental cases to Hungarian civil society organizations in addition to helping the cooperation of citizens and NGOs and the improvement of the civil sector in Hungary. 



Horizontal Requirements in Operational Programs – Sustainability

Upon a contract made by the Prime Minister’s Office, EMLA prepared study on sustainability requirements to be applied in the management and implementation of the EU Operational Programs in Hungary.